Online exchanges where you can buy & sell Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital asset and payment system, with some $9.1 billion worth in global circulation as of August 2016. It is considered by many to be the most successful and game-changing cryptocurrency ever created. Last week, the global Bitcoin value reached an all time high, crossing the $1,500 mark on 4 May 2017, and it remained above this mark till last Sunday. The latest hike in the Bitcoin value has attracted a lot of traders and investors interested in buying and selling Bitcoin. But if you are looking to invest in this currency, you need to acquaint yourself with the alternative network of Bitcoin exchanges. Here’s the lowdown on the top four Bitcoin exchanges, where you can buy, sell, transfer and invest this most global of cryptocurrencies.


BTCXIndia is a venture backed company which provides real time trading of Bitcoin and INR and operating at the highest levels of security and reliability. Users can buy and sell Bitcoins for INR with the tightest spreads in India and also user can monitor daily volume growth, making it ever easier to enter and exit trades. User can also hold their Bitcoins securely with BTCXIndia online wallet. BTCXIndia’s systems and trading platform are disconnected which means that any malfunctions or intrusions to the front-end will have a minimal impact on the trading operations. BTCXIndia’s Application Programming Interface (API) also allows users to access and control their accounts using custom software.


Unocoin started in 2013 which is a Bangalore based technology startup which operates India’s largest BTC-INR trading platform which enables Indians to buy, sell, store, use and accept bitcoin. Every month, Unocoin processes transactions worth more than Rs 250 million for its more than 210,000 customers. In just 3 years since its inception, the company has drawn more than 30 top investors from 5 countries. Unocoin is responsible for industry leading innovations such as the Bitcoin Systematic Buying Plan (SBP), Bitcoin Point of Sale (POS) App and Bitcoin Over-The- Counter trading (OTC). In April 2017, Unocoin announced its partnership with PayUbiz, a leading payment gateway, to facilitate Unocoin users in buying Bitcoin using the net banking feature. Set to simplify the entire process of buying Bitcoin, the feature is live on Unocoin.


Zebpay has been involved in bitcoins since 2011. It has claimed to have started India’s first bitcoin exchange in 2012, guarantee fast transaction processing and the best bitcoin rates. Zebpay is India’s first bitcoin company to launch simplest mobile Bitcoin wallet app that enables bitcoin transactions using mobile number without any complexities to understand bitcoin addresses, taking backups or fear of losing bitcoins. Zebpay takes users KYC details which they state are essentials to maintain your Zebpay user account. Through KYC verified accounts user will be able to use Zebpay, even to send, receive or store bitcoins, recharge airtime or buy vouchers. Zebpay crossed Rs 500-crore turnover and did more than Rs 100 crore of trade turnover in November 2016.


SearchTrade is a search engine company which basically uses bitcoins to pay users every time they search on the platform. It also allows users to use their own keywords which help them earn income for them every time the words are used as part of a search query by any person worldwide. The Singapore-based startup, SearchTrade, has introduced a system to allow all parties in the Internet search engine process — the searcher, the owner of the key word being searched, the builder of the app using the search engine, and the advertisers – to profit from the process of bitcoin. Using bitcoin, the system redistributes the revenue among the stakeholders, rather than allowing all the profit to flow to the big search engines like Google and Bing.


CoinSecure was founded in July 2014, is registered as Secure Bitcoin Traders. It is an ISO certified company which offers Bitcoin wallet, exchange, trading and merchant services along with other Blockchain based services. The company launched a Bitcoin exchange on January 1, 2015. Coinsecure offers an algorithmic trading Bitcoin exchange, a Blockchain explorer, free APIs for all their products, a mock trading platform for users to try trading without real money and On-Chain and Off-Chain wallet services. The company now consistently handles over 3,000 BTCs a month in terms of volume.