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IPL 2015 Tickets to be Available in Bitcoin Soon? | Zebpay Takes a Giant Leap in India [GalaxyReporter]

Now IPL 2015 tickets could be available in Bitcoin currency as India’s first Bitcoin App, Zebpay is in talks to take Bitcoin a step further in India. Not only, IPL Tickets, Bitcoin currency adaptors in India may soon be able to buy or sell flats and even pay restaurant bills with the virtual currency. According to source, Zebpay is plotting a project to make it available as transaction currency in the country. A builder from Ahmedabad also decided to sell flats and some restaurants of Mumbai are also in talks with the company. If everything goes right this would be a giant leap for Zebpay app and Bitcoin in India.

Saurabh Agarwal, the CEO of Zebpay the application added that the team wants to make the app as easy as Whatsapping. So far the application only allows to sale, buy or any kind of transaction in Bitcoin’s easy. It already started selling Amazon, Flipkart vouchers in India. The CEO also added that the app will soon be available to provide tickets of IPL 2015.

Buy IPL 2015 Tickets in Bitcoin

How Zebpay Works and will Avail People Buy IPL 2015 Tickets in Bitcoin in India?

So far the biggest step of the application was to tender Farhan Akhtar Live concert. It also allows to buy from e-commerce website Flipkart and Amazon. The process is simple; Zebpay pays the merchants like Flipkart in rupees and make the vouchers available in Bitcoin on its app. But CEO of the company added, in recent future the app will allow the Bitcoin transaction directly in India and this will be how Indians will be able to buy IPL Tickets in Bitcoin. Buying flat and paying restaurant bills can also be done with this digital currency.

Zebpay Application Detail, Is Making IPL Tickets Vacant in Bitcoin Greatest Step till Now?

India’s first Bitcoin application made its entry to Indian market in February of 2015 and it has been downloaded approx 2000 times till now. Indian users did 50% of the download followed by United States and Philippines. Give or take Rs 17,000 is the exchange value of 1 Bitcoin.

Indian investors have already shown their interest in the company. It is looking to raise its seed capital of$125,000, which would most probably be $2 million. Agarwal added.  Zebpay is also hoping to take it business to international market. IPL 2015 is one of the biggest sports events in India, to make itstickets available in Bitcoin will be the greatest step so far. Bitcoin investor Barry Silbert also raised $250,000 for Unocoin, a Bangalore-based Bitcoin exchange firm.

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