Indian Bitcoin Exchange joins IBM and Google at 1,000 person plus Hackathon [IHB]


One-third of global IT workforce is in India

The Times of India reported that it’s a measure of India’s strength in software services and the number of engineers it produces that some of the world’s largest IT companies have more employees in India now than in their home countries. And increasingly, these foreign companies are shifting their consulting base to India, thanks to the talent coming out of the country’s business schools.

It is estimated that one out of every three IBM and one out of every five Goldman Sachs employees work India. Bitcoin is a beautiful mix of finance and information technology and India has a lot to gain from the many opportunities that will it come its way.

Indian Bitcoin Exchange at Hack India

HackIndia is India’s largest hackathon, bringing together the best of India’s information technology talent. Over 1,000 hackers attended the most recent hackathon at PES College in Bangalore, India. Coinsecure, one of India’s leading bitcoin exchanges was a co-sponsor along with IBM, Mozilla, GitHub, Google and many other premier tech organizations.

Benson Samuel HackIndia IHB News™

We caught with Benson Samuel, CTO and Co-Founder of Coinsecure and he told us that of the 10 problem statements given to the hackers, one of them had to solve the problem of increasing bitcoin adoption in India. Benson went on to say:

Ten teams decided to attack the bitcoin problem statement, that’s 10% of all the the hackers who attended the event in the massive auditorium at PES College. We were very impressed with the quality of submissions using the Coinsecure Bitcoin Trade API.

Coinsecure HackIndia submission

A few of the submissions worth mentioning was a WhatsApp integration that lets you place a buy and sell order as well as a bitcoin price checker over sms messaging. Someone even submitted a game idea using the unity engine to help increase awareness of Bitcoin.

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