Unocoin could attract about half a million dollars investment


Unocoin could attract about half a million dollars of investment to expand its capacity in the domestic and foreign markets.

Indian entrepreneurs have long realized that digital currency will be a good tool for solving many problems of the population. Rising food prices, meager salaries, depreciation of the local ruble become good soil for the growth of Bitcoin industry on this earth.

Investors of the project are funds with world-renowned names who will be able to provide job Unocoin exchanges in the required time, it solve the problem. The inhabitants of India have appreciated how easy to make money transfers and electronic payments without fees or long-term means of delivery to the recipient. In addition, a fairly high level of education of the population, as well as a large amount of talk about their high readiness to resort to this type of services. But the traditional market that exists in India, losing those revenues that they might receive from the currency conversion. However, local operators provided less population begins to actively use digital services, though it does not quite fit into the local legislation.