How Blockchain Could Rewrite The Internet And Humanity Itself


Since it was born from the mind of Satoshi Nakamoto, Blockchain has grown to become a significant force in the financial and information industries, effectively reorganizing some of the concepts that were thought to be set in stone. Now, there is a growing effort to elevate the platform to new heights, with some saying that Blockchain could create a new internet and change how humans interact.

As Futurism notes, one of the biggest challenges that humanity faces in having a more faithful interaction with one another is the lack of trust. Despite the fact that the internet is already connecting about 3.5 billion people, it had the negative effect of providing a select few with the means to horde essential data that they could then use for personal gain.

This is something that Blockchain can address thanks to its nature of actually being open to everyone, with the possibilities and benefits being showcased by Ethereum. As an open-sourced platform that basically acts like a world computer, it is supported by big players in the tech industry who recognize the value of providing access to everyone.

Blockchain essentially provides people with the opportunity to come together to rewrite the internet and make it into something that truly belongs to everyone and not just to the Mark Zuckerbergs and Jeff Bezos of the world. Doing so will also have the potential to change how humans act around one another, with the removal of friction resulting in more trust.

Even now, Blockchain is revolutionizing different industries with the automotive sector getting the transformative treatment as well. As one study shows, the transparency and cryptography aspects of Blockchain, along with the elimination of third parties and high costs are already providing plenty of benefits that are making investors and car companies interested participants in the global reform.