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Bitcoin is “Exciting” and a “Technical Tour De Force” – Bill Gates


Host: We need to talk about Bitcoin in a minute. I can’t wait to hear what Charlie Munger has to say about this. Let’s bring in Charlie Munger, the vice chair of Berkshire Hathaway, Bill’s gonna move over so you can come sit in. Good morning, Charlie.

Charlie Munger: Good morning.

Host: I just had to get your thought on Bitcoin, this… this… this digital currency that’s out there that people say, oh it might be the next big thing. What do you think?

Charlie Munger: I think it’s rat poison.

Warren Buffet: Put him down as undecided.

Host: Do you understand what they’re trying to do with it?

Charlie Munger: No, but I regard it as deeply flaky.

Host: Deeply flaky, OK, Bitcoin – Bill, what do you think?

Bill Gates: I think it’s a technical tour de force, but that’s an area where governments are gonna maintain a dominant role.

Host: Bill, Warren?

Warren Buffet: I think either Charlie or Bill is right.

Host: Either one of those guys.


Here is another video where Bill Gates refers to Bitcoin as being “exciting”:

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